Anesthesia Errors and Injuries

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Anesthesia is a common medication used on patients prior to certain surgical and medical procedures which allow a patient to undergo surgery and other procedures without the distress and pain they may experience otherwise.  Medical professionals routinely administer this medication in a hospital setting, in a physician’s office, outpatient center, or a dental office.

This common medication, however, can cause serious injuries when improperly administered.  It is estimated that 1 in every 200,000 patients die due to anesthesia complications.  These anesthesia errors and injuries are typically the result of professional negligence.  Since anesthesia is a medication that affects the central nervous system, anesthesia errors can lead to devastating injuries.  If you or a loved one have suffered as a result of an anesthesia errors, you need an experienced Massachusetts anesthesia error lawyer on your side.

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Possible Causes of Anesthesia Errors

The most common anesthesia errors resulting from medical negligence are:

  • Dosage error
  • Delayed anesthesia delivery or inadequate levels which causes patients to be awake during surgery and/or feel conscious pain
  • Failure to incubate properly
  • Failure to recognize complications
  • Failure to monitor vital signs
  • Turning off the alarm on the pulse oximeter
  • Improper administration of oxygen during surgery or placement of breathing tubes
  • Use of defective equipment
  • Prolonged sedation

Injuries Caused by Anethesia Errors

The most common injuries caused by anesthesia errors are:

  •  Loss of motor function (walking, moving arms/legs)
  • Nerve damage
  • Paralysis
  • Tracheal damages
  • Asphyxia or lack of oxygen supply
  • Cardiovascular injury which may include heart attack or stroke
  • Birth defects
  • Loss of bodily function
  • Brain injury
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Coma
  • Death

Legal Help for Victims of Anesthesia Error

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